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This bridge is one of our most versatile pieces.  Through your child’s imagination you will see it become a roof, an arch way, or maybe an overpass for our mini sports cars. Flipped upside down it can also become a slide, a boat, a cradle, a seesaw and so much more.

Individually handcrafted from locally harvested kiln dried alder; each bridge is sanded smooth, finished with natural water based beeswax and then polished to a soft shine that only improves with age.

Please note that due to the organic nature of the wood we use, each bridge will have its own unique personality and charm.

(The medium bridge is the size included in the Castello Sets.)

Small bridge - 3” long by 2” wide by 3/4” high
Medium bridge - 6” long by 3” wide by 1 ½” high
Large bridge- 10”long by 3”wide by 2”high